Jonathan Seitz Appears On Chicago Radio To Reveal How to Create Leaders from Managers For Increased Productivity and Profits

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Jonathan Seitz Appears On Chicago Radio To Reveal How to Create Leaders from Managers For Increased Productivity and Profits

CEO, Trainer, and Leadership Mentor Jonathan Seitz provides positive impact training for managers and future leaders to facilitate team engagement for increased productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Chicago, IL – San Diego Professional Training and Development guru, Jonathan Seitz was recognized as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio”, which looks to place a spotlight on noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe. Seitz appeared on the radio program to discuss leadership and management skills development needed by corporate leaders and organizational managers to fully engage their employees and boost productivity, and why he founded Bellwether Training to meet this need. In the interview, he discusses how companies can increase profits exponentially just by providing the necessary leadership training that managers require to inspire and excite their teams into productive groups. The show aired on a Saturday evening on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of Hannity and Dave Ramsey.

Jonathan understands the importance of building successful teams from the inside out. Having begun his career in Training and Education, he then went to work for a small business where he put his ideas and skills into motion. His team building achievements and client-focused products contributed to a corporate purchase just under $300m. Since that time, he’s been on the executive team of two global corporations, as well as having owned and operated successful startups spanning a variety of verticals. Today, he is the co-founder and president of Bellwether Training, a firm that focuses exclusively on providing companies with the right training and motivation that will engage their employees in a meaningful way so that they can shift into a state of high productivity and increase profits. The focus of Bellwether Training is on taking managers and methodically developing them into company leaders.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to bring the benefits of what I’ve learned over the years and what we teach to the airwaves,” Seitz says. “It was an honor to have the type of forum that Remarkable Radio provides.”

Seitz cited a recent Gallop study that revealed that only 30% of the American workforce feels engaged and motivated in their position. That same report provided clear links between a poorly engaged employee and performance output, and how poor engagement leads to lower productivity, customer ratings, quality of work, employee turnover and profitability. He explains to Remarkable Radio that the exact same study shows how managers are responsible for over 70% of those issues associated with poor employee engagement, and that this is because the managers are not engaged. He spoke at length on how this has hindered American corporations and cost the economy close to $400 billion dollars annually.

The idea behind Bellwether Training was to shift companies into a more positive and productive place by providing managers with the type of leadership and management skills training they require to truly motivate and lead their teams to success. As Seitz states in the interview, this type of continuing education is lacking in the corporate world because this type of skill development is understood as important but seldom considered “urgent.” His recommendation to corporate America: invest in your managers and “put it on the schedule.”

Bellwether Training LLC is located in San Diego and focuses on businesses in Southern California, but through affiliation with Crestcom International provides “Bullet Proof Manager Training” anywhere that it is needed.

“As CEO I am always looking for ways to improve employee engagement and productivity. I invited Jonathan to conduct a 2 hour Leadership Skills Workshop for me and my management team as a way to review the Bullet Proof Manager Program. The workshop was professional, engaging and enjoyable. Out of the workshop my team identified a potential benefit to our organization of more than $320,000 from the action plans we developed. Based on what we experienced, we are making the Bullet Proof Manager program an essential training for our management team.” — Ted Bumgardner, President/CEO, XPERA Group, San Diego CA

“We are 50% more profitable as a company than prior to enrolling myself and our senior management team in the Bullet Proof Manager program, and certainly some credit for this is due to Crestcom and this program. We have documented over $500k in cost savings, productivity improvements, and revenue gains since starting the program, and we have not completed it yet.” — Howard Chang, President & CEO, Top Drawer Creative.

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